Real music by real people is what I focus on and love. Open heart. Open mind. I listen to all genres and artists, old and new. I love everything about music. I love that it can trigger a memory. I love that the first note of a familiar song can transport you back in a flash to a precise moment.

My focus is on up and coming artists, or new songs released by old artists that may not currently be on your immediate radar. However, don’t be surprised if there’s an occasionally flashback to a classic that pops up along the way. So many amazing songs and artists have filled the musical space throughout the years, why forget about them completely?

I’ll shine the spotlight on some of them here in hopes that they’ll inspire an old memory or maybe, just maybe, it will lead you to discover and explore an artist, genre, or song that you might have missed along the way. If you’re an artist, or an avid listener and have a song or album you love, old or new, send it my way. I promise you I’ll listen. I may even wear the link out trying to understand what it is that makes you passionate about it and we can “talk” about it.

Thanks for “listening” and being part of this journey. Opinions are all my own so please be kind. Please enjoy my mix-tape on here. You’ll find new music on it from time to time. Now, let’s get back to more cowbell!

Peace and love,

More Cowbell Liv


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