Perfect your vibe. Make life amazing. Campsite Dream inspires.


Today, I did something I have not done in a while. I danced. I know it has been a couple of months since you’ve heard from me. Let’s just say that there has been a lot going on in the United States, and despite the divisiveness that is currently our country, some of us are still trying to just hang onto each other for the ride. On that note, music always makes the long ride better, and this duo, hailing from The Netherlands, Texel to be exact, will help you get your spirit back. Sharing a love for fashion, travel, and music, they not only have me  grooving in my daily life, but they’ve inspired me enough to have to tell you about them. Meet Campsite Dream.

Although much of their music is focused on doing covers of great numbers, Campsite Dream’s take on these songs brings new perspective to every project they tackle. They are infectious and the lead singer’s vocals are the perfect blend of melancholy airiness surrounded by a sound that is refreshing, and genuine.

I will level with you and admit that I was already a fan of Backstreet’s No Diggityflashback to circa 1996 to be exact, so when I found myself bopping along and singing word for word to this new song while strolling through an art show, I stopped and realized I had no idea who was singing. Apparently No Diggity was back, in a newly infused version filled with a great beat, vocals, and enough energy to get a herd of slow moving elephants moving. And the rest was history. I was hooked on Campsite Dream. They are brilliant.

Campsite Dream- No Diggity

Silk released this sexy number in 1992, and Campsite Dream is shining the spotlight on it having just released their cover version this past month. Campsite’s electronic dance version takes this R&B groove number and modernizes it in a fragile manner, that makes it a whole new type of masterpiece, with a differing rhythm that will lead you to appreciate it.

Campsite Dream- Freak Me

Another brilliant cover is Campsite’s version of Lean On by Major Lazer. It is their mixing of melodies, harmonies, and the bell choir-esque background in their version that  takes this great dance hit to the next level.

Campsite Dream- Lean On

Since I referred to the fact that for many of us, these are stressful times. I will leave you with this last Campsite Dream number. Their tropical house version of Crush (originally released by Jennifer Paige back in 1998) will encourage care-free bliss if you let it. I will leave you to enjoy it with the hope that I have now armed you new awesome tunes for the weekend, the upcoming work week, the long commute, your long work day, or just life in general.

Campsite Dream- Crush

If Campsite Dream comes to a music festival or music venue near you, consider yourself fortunate for the opportunity and go see them!

Support this artist and buy their music here: Campsite Dream. Follow them on social media: @campsitedream.

Music is my passion. Unfortunately, it is currently not my full time job. Thank you for your patience and for continuing to follow this blog. I promise I’ll be sharing more music and telling you all about amazingly talented artists on a more consistent basis again, starting today. It is good to be back. Keep writing to me and sharing your music.

Thanks for listening music lovers! And thanks Campsite Dream for getting me dancing again. I can’t wait to see you perform live in the near future!



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