Logan Mize. Ain’t Always Pretty shines in sudden spotlight.

It looks like there is a new country star on the rise and after the time and effort he has committed to his music, Logan Mize certainly deserves it. Yesterday he had a major breakthrough on The Bobby Bones Show when Bones came across the new song Mize had just released, titled Ain’t Always Pretty, and decided to play it on the air. Perhaps country is not your genre, and Mize is definitely a country singer-songwriter, but this song will appeal across all genres, so you should definitely give it a listen. You’ll find yourself grooving with the rest of us who instantly fell in love with it.

The truth is that the lyrics and melody to this song are addictive and it delivers a clever message. In case you missed the events of the past twenty-four hours in this up and coming artist’s career, I figured I’d share it with all of you music fans in hopes that you’ll enjoy learning about this artist as much as I have. The song is now in the Top 10 on iTunes.

Ain’t Always Pretty

Mize originally from Clearwater, Kansas is a regular standard in the country music world. His is great uncle Billy Mize played pedal steel with Buck Owens and wrote songs that were covered by Waylon Jennings and Jerry Lee Lewis. Clearly, the talent runs deep in this family. Logan Mize is no exception with a brilliant repertoire of hits behind him and he certainly deserves a big break. Thank you Bobby Bones for randomly shining the spotlight on him!

His previously released EP Pawn Shop Guitar is full of great tracks, What I Love About You being my favorite.

Support this up and coming artist Logan Mize and buy his latest single here: Ain’t Always Pretty.

Logan- When are you heading up to the DC area? Looking forward to seeing what you do next and rooting for you to find a new home with an awesome record label!

As always, thanks for listening music lovers! Hope you enjoy the music.

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