St. Paul de Vence – One of the most unique bands around.

As the summer began winding down, and the first day of Fall approached this week here in the United States, I started searching for music to fit my seasonal needs. I came across a very unique song that struck me with its story telling lyrics and instrumentation by Indie-Folk-Rock band, St. Paul de Vence, titled Pink Wine that is on their debut self-titled full length album. Little did I know that the song was really telling the story of band member Benjamin Doerr’s grandfather fighting with the Free French Forces in World War II.

I proceeded to listen to the rest of their debut album and somewhere between the banjo, exquisite harmonies, and their musical juxtaposition, I became smitten with this band. Here is a glimpse of their powerful number Mama.

The nostalgia of this album makes the entire thing a masterpiece. The Seattle, Washington natives have developed a sound that blurs the lines of Indie, folk, country, and classic rock in a manner that leaves the listener wondering what the band will do next.

St. Paul de Vence recently released a second album, Farther Than Light andit proves that their talent is raw and their sound unmatched. The title track encompasses the harmonies and alluring lyrics that make this band’s sound unique and timeless.

Fans of The Swell Season, Whetherman, and The Decemberists will fall in love with their sound and music lovers will quickly recognize the incredible talent that is displayed by the artists featured on their recordings.

I hope that you will enjoy learning about their music as much as I have. Support this band and buy their music here: St. Paul de Vence Music. Learn more about this artist by visiting: St Paul Band.

St. Paul de Vence–I hope you head to the East Coast soon, would love to hear your impeccable sound live!

And in the spirit of it officially being Autumn here in the U.S., as the shift starts to focus towards preparations for upcoming holidays that bring the year to an end, I came across this little gem that made me smile and laugh out loud. Therefore, I had to share it with you.

That one time when St. Paul de Vence, covered…WHAM!

Thanks for listening music lovers! Until next time, have an amazing weekend.

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