Ruby the RabbitFoot. All heart on her amazing Divorce Party.

Greetings music lovers!  There has been a lot of listening going on these days as I look for amazing music to share with all of you. Today’s feature is Georgia native Ruby Kendrick—or more accurately, known by her artist name, Ruby the RabbitFoot. Ruby recently released a new album and it is exquisite.

Her melancholic lyrics reflecting the tumultuous times she has been facing in her love life are accompanied with a mix of pop and hip hop sounds that draw the listener into the groove of her music, but allow the deep introspective lyrics to shine all at the same time.

Beach Flowers is certainly one of my favorite songs on her newly released (August 12th, 2016) album. The collection of syncopated beats with her harmonies on the album’s first track is a great introduction for what becomes a fascinating and intriguing listening experience for the listener for the rest of the tracks on the LP.

The accompanying video is impeccably creative with the perfect tinge of darkness associated with it. The imagery is also nothing less than beautiful (kudos to her creative photographer Natalie Neal).

Reflecting about the collection of tracks on newly released third album, Ruby has stated that she

wrote these songs in a period of separation from a love. I want to release them into the world as a celebration of all that I learned during that time. It’s my Divorce Party.

A very wise approach to growing and learning from a heartbreaking situation.

Ruby has a Fiona Apple like attraction in her persona and edgier lyrics. Her angelic voice will please fans of Sixpence None The Richer, Wilco and The Shins.

Nicola La …Come over here and hurt my feelings…I found myself grooving, swaying, and dancing it out to this song the first time I heard it, until I had an Ally McBeal record scratch moment when I realized what the song was saying. Once again, Ruby is telling you a heart wrenching story in a manner that is full of fun loving colorful pop sounds that hook the listener and leave them wanting more. I LOVE this song.

Fast forward to one of the later tracks on the albums named Misery and you’ll find her beautiful vocals accompanied by an acoustic jam session that is reminiscent of Paul Simon. Now there you have it. How’s that for diversity in an artist?

Let’s travel back to one of her previous albums New As Dew which exhibits Ruby the RabbitFoot’s consistency in excellence when it comes to delivering joyous pop with ethereal vocals to back it. Check out her song and video: Ways.

I have no doubt that Ruby the RabbitFoot is incredible when she performs live.  She is on my list of shows to catch in the future.  I hope you will add her to your musical bucket list as well. Track her upcoming shows here: Ruby the RabbitFoot Live.

Visit Ruby The RabbitFoot to learn more about this artist and support her by purchasing her recently released album: Divorce Party via: Divorce Party on Bandcamp or at Divorce Party on iTunes.

Ruby the RabbitFoot– Thank you for the music and allowing us to join in on your Divorce Party!

Until next time, thanks for listening music lovers!

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