Charlie Faye & The Fayettes will make you shake it. Meet today’s new 60s girl group.

There is a lot going on around the world these days and one could certainly think back to an era where things may have been simpler on a daily basis, but the revolutionary changes taking place across society in the 1960s made a significant impact on the world today. In the spirit of finding new music, I came across this incredible trio of women whose voices are not only nostalgic, but their lyrics pack a powerful punch when you start listening to their messages.

Meet Austin, Texas music group, Charlie Faye & The Fayettes. Their sound is quickly emerging at the forefront of the retro-revival movement and music lovers everywhere are falling in love with their sound. Reminiscent of the soulful pop of the 60s, this group’s addictive beguiling sound is bringing back the charm of swinging musical numbers from this beloved era. The best part about them is they could very well be the poster band for diversity. The group is comprised of three beautiful ladies of Jewish, Korean, and African-American descent, which makes a fantastic juxtaposition to their classic 60s sounding music that’s delivering sweet little messages everywhere they go.

Charlie Faye, BettySoo, and Akina Adderley are each talented singers in their own right which makes for beautiful rich harmonies that have lead to this group’s unique as well as clever sound. Charlie Faye & The Fayettes are bringing classic grooves back with a modern day twist that will have you singing along and dancing to their album from the moment you first start listening to it. Charlie Faye’s songwriting is exquisite and she has a certain Nancy Sinatra-esque quality to her vocals and presence that is intriguing.

Although their sound may come off as bubble gum classic pop, upon listening to their lyrics, you will find some heavier substantive messages. Their song East Side addresses the issue of gentrification of cities and older neighborhoods. Here’s a video of this song being performed live.

The one song off of their debut album that solidified my love for this group and their sound is Loving NamesClassic songwriting and melodies that channel not only the classics like The Supremes, but there’s a certain Buddy Holly/Roy Orbison quality to this number.

Who doesn’t love the girl groups of the 60s?! How lucky are we that these girls are bringing this sound back? Keep an eye out for them on the road and if they come to a city near you, go out and see their show! They are known for their upbeat and energetic shows that keep their audience dancing throughout the performance. Here is a list of their upcoming tour dates: Charlie Faye & The Fayettes hit the road.

Charlie Faye & The Fayettes– thanks for bringing this sound back and adding your own twist to it! I’m looking forward to catching you on tour or extending an invite for you to come up east and perform!

Support these ladies and buy their album! Just click HERE.

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