Parking Lot by The Accidentals. Amazingly eclectic.

And we’re back! This time featuring a band that has been creating quite a stir on the Indie music circuit since their debut in Austin, Texas during South by Southwest music festival last year. I’ve been listening to a lot of The Accidentals lately and this folky, bluesy, jazzy sounding band delivers one incredible song after another the more you dig into their repertoire. The band is comprised of two talented duo leads, Katie Larson (bassist, guitarist, pianist strings and vocals), Savannah Buist (bassist, guitarist, pianist strings and vocals) and Michael Dause (backup vocalist, drummer, guitarist and vocalist) who recently joined the band as their touring bandmate and drummer in 2014. All of them are very talented musicians in their own right. And by talented, I mean they play about twelve different instruments and quite easily could exchange whatever musical accompaniment or instrument they were playing mid-song, and pick up right where they left off playing off of each other. They write their own music, they create unique melodies that will challenge your ability to pin them down to a specific genre, all while mesmerizing you with their vocals and sound. Fans of talents such as Neko Case, Ingrid Michaelson, and Feist will fall in love with this band!

The Accidentals just released their new EP titled Parking Lot this past week, and thanks to Noisetrade, you currently have the opportunity to preview the songs and download this new album!

I am already in love with their song Sixth Street. Check it out:

Their song Parking Lot is reminiscent of a song I absolutely love called Cannonball by The Breeders albeit a more classical rendition.

Add the fact that they are currently still all under 21 years of age and they have already written an entire score for performance by a 72 piece orchestra, have written scores for films, and their music has been featured on commercials, and you will start to paint the full picture of just how far the talent of these singer songwriters goes. Both of the ladies in the group are graduates of Interlochen Arts Academy and have already opened for names such as Brandi Carlile, The Wailers, Dar Williams and Rusted Root.

Here’s a glimpse into The Accidentals’ performance with the Traverse Symphony Orchestra of their original score and song titled Blessed.

Check out their song Michigan and Again, an introspective track reflecting on the feeling of coming home after being on the road for so long. The Traverse City, Michigan group pays homage to their home state in this song and their endearing lyrics will be endearing to anyone who calls this Great Lakes state their home.

Home of the water, Canada’s daughter, Cradled in a crescent moon grin…

Let’s take you back to one of their previously released hits The Silence. The song lyrics are exquisite, thought-provoking and real. The musical accompaniment makes it a catchy tune for a song that’s peeling back the layers of societal interaction.

Support this band and buy their music here: The Accidentals.

Katie and Savannah, it has been amazing to see both of you grow as musicians and artists on your musical journey. I hope I get to see you play live soon. Your prodigious talent is inspiring! Michael- word on the street is that you’ve got your own musical project in development. Looking forward to it!

Thanks for listening music lovers!

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