Matchsticks will amaze you and light up your day.

Last weekend singer songwriter Emily Henry held her record release party for her album Matchsticks at the Iota Club in Arlington, Virginia. The incredulously packed audience of other talented local musicians who attended the event in support of the new album, speaks volumes about Henry’s music and her endless well of talent when it comes to her songwriting, vocals, and overall stage persona. So what’s the big deal about this new up and coming artist? It is the pureness of her vocals, her full all-encompassing sound, and her thought provoking lyrics that make her a keeper for any music aficionado. A combination of folk-indie pop, Henry’s a well known staple at Virginia wineries, and local music venues with a growing fan base that continues to expand throughout the area.

EmilyHenry photo sent
Emily Henry- Official Photo
With a powerful celestial and wholesome voice, Henry channels the likes of Natalie Maines (of the Dixie Chicks), Jewel, and Patti Griffin with a versatile mix of light and darkness in her repertoire. Her lyrics are raw, real, and will get under your skin at times if you let them.
Here is the last track on her new album Matchsticks titled Separate. The song features fantastic violin orchestration and beautiful accompaniment throughout it. It exemplifies Henry’s impeccable songwriting abilities and musical styling.
Bringing It With You immediately brought me back to years past when I would listen to one of my all time favorite bands, The Cranberries on repeat extensively. I got that same feeling in the pit of my stomach hearing such a relatable theme in this song when Henry’s voice engulfed my full attention. Everyone has baggage and no matter what we do, we all bring it with us to a certain extent.
Henry’s entire album is full of poetic gems about love, loss, and the imperfections that make us all human. Her carefully crafted lyrics are proof that Henry certainly has a passion for writing and she should continue down that path because the talent is definitely there. The delicate undertones in her music are the perfect compliment to her songwriting. At times, Henry has been compared to Joni Mitchell and one can certainly pick up on that throughout this album.
Hands is my favorite track on Matchsticks. The song is an introspective view on a friend’s unwillingness to have faith and trust in others. Life isn’t always easy and friends will disappoint you along the way. Henry’s song tells this story in a manner that sticks with you throughout the day way after you listen to it. With its whimsical aura, this indie pop number is infectious and it has been a great addition to my playlist. I hope you’ll enjoy this song and fall in love with it as much as I have.
I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Henry perform live and each time she mesmerizes the audience with her exquisite sound. Matchsticks is a compelling argument for why Emily Henry continues to garner attention throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
Enjoy this throwback to an earlier hit of hers Strong. I love the simplicity of this video. Henry proves that sometimes all you need is a girl and her guitar. Her beautiful vocals soar in this number.
Support this artist and learn more about her by visiting: Emily Henry Music.
You can buy her new EP here: Matchsticks.
Emily, it has been a real pleasure getting to know you personally and being one of the lucky ones to have come across your music. You have a very unique quality to your sound and songwriting that makes you a shining star in the musical universe. I cannot wait to see you perform again and I am very excited that you will be on tour this summer. For all you music lovers out there, make it a point to see this artist perform live. If you happen to find yourself in the Washington, DC area or out in the Northern Virginia wine country, make sure to catch one of Emily’s performances on the circuit. Emily will be hitting the road and will be on tour on the East Coast. Don’t miss out if she comes to a venue near you.
Thanks for listening and supporting new artists music lovers! Have a fantastic music filled weekend!


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