Kara Laudon- Vocals that will make your Summer Haze perfect.

Recently I got to see the talented John Mark Nelson, who has been featured here previously, perform live when he came through town while on tour with Little Green Cars. He and his band put on an incredible show at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC. They sounded even more amazing live and what was most impressive was that each member of Nelson’s band was a musician in their own right. Together, they create a magnificently astounding sound. The best thing about having caught their show was discovering the female background vocalist in John’s songs, singer songwriter Kara Laudon. She performed one of her own originals that evening and the audience became enthralled.

Kara Laudon performing at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, DC.- Image by More Cowbell Liv
As it turns out, Laudon has released her own album, I Wasn’t Made, which I was happy to acquire after that performance. There was something about her presence and voice that stayed with me long after that evening. I have since listened to her music at least once a day. She takes an introspective approach to her songwriting and the ethereal quality of her voice makes you feel like the world is an amazing place and everything is going to be okay; yet, most of the time she’s singing about something pretty serious. It is the composition and pureness of her light voice that allows the listener to lose themselves in her music. Every song on this album is a keeper. She has an Alison Kraus-like sound to her that invites your musical palate to partake in the experience. Fans of Krauss and Sara Bareilles will certainly take a liking to her sound.

Here is the first track of her album: We Come Down. Upon listening carefully, you will find that Laudon’s songs deliver some insightful, thought-provoking and inspiring messages.

I wasn’t always like this thinking the world was out to get me…when my hands curl up in fists, I’m reminded of what I shouldn’t be…

When I Am Lost delivers what are probably some of my favorite lyrics of the entire album.

Will you come when I am lost?

When you’re younger you don’t wish to be….When you’re older you don’t wish to be.

My favorite track on her album is Summer Haze. Laudon’s voice soars in this beautiful number co-written with John Mark Nelson and the song has a contagious rhythm that is uniquely juxtaposed against the lyrics. She channels an early Rihanna throughout this single.

Here is a video of her performing an acoustic version of Summer Haze.

I felt compelled to include this clip of her performing during the John Mark Nelson set, which provides some great insight into the evening, and exhibits why you should be following all of these incredible artists.

Support this artist from the Minneapolis, Minnesota music scene and visit: Kara Laudon to purchase her album. See her perform live if she comes to a venue near you. Take my word for it, you will not regret it.

Kara, I’m so glad I had the pleasure of meeting you when you came through DC. You and John Mark Nelson make an incredible team. You are an amazing musician and a complete gem in the musical arena. I hope to see you perform your whole album someday in the near future. How about coming back to DC for your own solo concert?


Thanks for listening music lovers. Enjoy the music!


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