Evan Barlow. Startling. Impressive. One sick beat at a time.

Every now and then, you come across an artist at random. Maybe it’s the next song that comes on your Pandora station, you hear a song blasting out of someone’s car, you just happen to walk by and you hear an amazing person singing inside, or maybe you get lucky enough like I did, and discover the artist when you’re surfing for new music on a Saturday. Meet native Virginian, Evan Barlow, who describes his music as

“meaningful, powerful, feel good music (for the most part) and it’s however I feel at the time I’m writing. I like to think I’m very diverse and the music the people haven’t even heard yet, will prove that more and more.”

I found that to be a pretty accurate description of what I discovered as I continued to explore his music. Barlow beguiles the listener with stories of his journey thus far in life; and let me just be up front with you now, it hasn’t always been a life lived in paradise. His emotionally charged songs come from deep within, and his battles with overcoming being a drug addict give him a lot to write about and say.

Although I take significant pride in eloquently describing artists and their music based on a cocktail mix of others in order to engage the listener, in hopes that they may take the time to listen, I found it challenging to come up with something better than what was stated on Barlow’s website. This description of his repertoire does a pretty good job of categorizing his musical styling.

“If you put Elvis Presley, Kendrick Lamar, Timberlake and Timbaland in a blender, then you’d have a tall glass of Evan Barlow.”

I guess my description would be 2Pac, interacts with Jurassic 5, crosses paths with the raw emotion of early Eminem, and in walks Evan Barlow. He combines the best of hip hop, old school rap, and pop in his music which leads to a greater allure and wider appeal to diverse audiences.

Here is the song that struck me like a lightning bolt the first time I heard it. It’s called The Fix. An obvious autobiographical depiction considering the life experiences Barlow has had to date, this evocative collection of memories and emotions set to some beguiling mixed beats enthralled me from the beginning. It is my favorite of Barlow’s numbers that he has released to date. Staying true to his musical roots, it is raw, real, and you can easily lose yourself in this well produced masterpiece.

What makes me a fan of Barlow’s music? It is the fact that it reminds me of the old school hip hop and rap genres I fell in love with back in the day. A majority of the publicity covering his music has stated that he is the perfect mix for attracting the millennial populace. Albeit true, I also believe this artist will appeal to a broader spectrum of ages. Pure life experiences, hard times and street life, soul baring lyrics, creative melodies, and rhythms are consistently present in the songs Barlow creates. The foundation for a long and steady presence in the musical arena is there for the taking by him. Although writing about the pimps, their hoes, and the benjamins is all the rage these days, Evan Barlow is a welcomed departure from these lyrics that we’ve seen monopolize the airwaves for the past decade. He’s the real deal.

His song Window, features Beyoncé and Solange Knowles’s cousin, the very talented Shanica Knowles. Together, they definitely create the perfect medley.

Here’s another really great track: Evan Barlow “New Level” Asap Ferg Feat Future Remix.

Before I go, I will leave you with this infectious number, Crying Over Monday. I love the backup chorus and vocals. They are the perfect compliment to the harsh reality delivered in the lyrics of this track. It delivers an incredibly mature and insightful message with a soulful gospel-like accompaniment throughout it. The song does a great job displaying the fact that this artist is prodigious in his genre and deserves a place on the stage.

I hope you enjoy learning more about this artist. Support this artist and visit Evan Barlow Music. Standby for his soon to be released mixtape Fabrics!

Evan, I know you’re down in Richmond, Virginia. I hope that we cross paths soon and that I get to see you perform one of your sets live. Keep fighting the fight and just keep moving. You’ve definitely got something to say and we’re here waiting to listen.

Enjoy music lovers! Let me know what you think. As always, thanks for following and listening.




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