Meet Wastd. My newest electronic obsession.

Lately I have been listening to a group that refers to themselves as “some random dudes having fun making music.” I feel lucky that these random dudes got together and decided to make music. I feel even more lucky about the fact that I came across them! The random dudes are new up and coming DJs and Producers from the amazing country of Morocco. The truth is, I find every single remix they release to be uniquely mesmerizing. I first came across them when I was featuring an artist whom I have followed and supported for over two decades, Jude. His song Madonna was featured on the show Banshee. Wastd, took this song and gave it a whole new sound with synthesized horns and an infectious beat. This was the result: Jude Christodal – Madonna (Wastd Remix)

So what else have these Moroccan “dudes” been up to?

Well, let’s take a look at their release of Kimbra’s Settle Down.

I love it! In fact, no offense to Kimbra, I love it more than the original because it draws out the orginal syncopated rhythms, lyrics, but adds spanish guitar flair, a heavier electric guitar, and at times symphonic violins mixed with bass beats that turn it into a whole new experience.

Now I’ll leave you with my favorite of their collection thus far (although it’s a very close tie between their Jude Remix and this one), I listen to their remix of Kira Grannis- Am I wrong (Wastd Remix) often and I just close my eyes, feel the groove, and enjoy their creation. They take an already great song and add an emotive level of depth that made me appreciate the artist even more.

Wastd’s music has been a very welcome addition to my music collection. They have a real talent for the electronic dance music they’re producing and I look forward to tracking their next endeavors and hearing new music from them. Support these artists and follow them on their Facebook page: Wastd.

Wastd- I’ve been looking at planning a trip to Morocco in the near future, and I certainly hope that I will be able to hear and see you mix a set live.

Thanks for listening music lovers. Enjoy these grooves and have an awesome weekend!


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