Song of the week: This reinvented “Dancing on My Own”

It’s Music Monday and here is Back to More Cowbell’s song of the week!

From the great state of Kansas, Sebastian McCarty covers Robyn’s Dancing on My Own and it is so amazing that I still can’t stop listening to it. Neither can apparently people all over the world. It’s gotten 612,000 plays on Spotify! WHAT?! Well, now you can join the movement of people who are in love with this unique and heartbreaking version of this song. In fact, a few weeks back, his song was in the Mexico Top 50 Chart on Spotify!

Sebastian McCarty’s Cover of Dancing On My Own

Love this tune? You can buy it here! Sebatian McCarty- Dancing On My Own

Missed the feature on this artist? Learn more about Sebastian’s music. Visit: Sebastian McCarty’s Pages- A Stunning Beautiful Masterpiece. Engage with this artist at:

Have a great week music lovers!


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