Jason Masi- Amazing vocals & songwriting that will blow your mind.

Take the depth and emotion of your favorite Walt Whitman poem, combine it with a voice that is sexy, powerful and full of soul, and only then will you begin to scratch the surface of experiencing the musical undertones of Jason Masi. I suppose you could combine Eric Clapton’s voice with a mix of John Lee Hooker to it, spin some vinyls with influences spanning the likes of James Taylor, Van Morrison, and Marvin Gaye, and the result would be Masi’s music. He has a signature sound that has a level of depth that is uncommon these days. His bluesy riffs, and at times gravelly voice, make for a very powerful juxtaposition to the unassuming persona that he appears to be when he takes the stage.

I first came across this talented artist when he performed at a smaller venue in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia last year. As he shifted from doing some incredible cover versions of classics to his own original song numbers, I found myself being enthralled. What struck me about this artist was his commanding stage presence, and his commitment to every song he was performing. It made me want to be just as engaged as he was in his music. I felt like he really wanted to connect with the listener on a deeper level of emotion that is rarely found in artists whose gigs are mostly based in a local music scene. He is passionate not only in his songwriting but in the delivery of his songs when he performs them.

From day one, I fell in love with his song Power of A Woman–an honest take on being beguiled by the power of the female persuasion and prowess. It is to date, my favorite song out of Masi’s vast and impressive collection of hits.

Here’s a raw glimpse of him performing the song live at Port City Brewing Company which, by the way, makes some incredibly delicious craft beer (they were named Small Brewing Company of the Year in 2015).

Power of A Woman

As a loyal fan of Masi’s music, I have seen him perform several times since that first day and he has never wavered. I was lucky enough to have him perform at a preview to what will soon become the Back To More Cowbell’s Backyard concert series. The amount of jaws that dropped when he took the stage and the awe-inspiring performance he delivered was enough to set some sort of new world record. No. Seriously. I still have people asking me when his next album is being released, and will he be invited back soon. The answer, in case some of you are reading this is of course, YES.

Jason Masi performing live. Image by More Cowbell Liv

It doesn’t matter where he is, how many people are in the room, whether or not people are committed to listening to his actual music, Masi sings with incredible emotion, fortitude, and engages the audience every single time. And every time, he wins them over capturing their attention upon completion of the first song. The best part is not only is he an incredible singer songwriter and performer, he is a genuine soul and one of the friendliest guys around. He says “he approaches his music in much the same way he does life.” You can certainly feel it in his performances and experience it through the energy and the thought provoking lyrics he delivers in his albums.

Here is Masi performing in a live performance of Woman Will You Be My Friend. A love ballad with a funky rhythm and blues sound that showcases the classic sound of the 1970s.

Here’s one of his latest songs Love’s Lips which showcases a sound that is reminiscent of 90s alternative rock, but with a more uplifting positive spin than most of the songs from that decade.

His musical journey began in Richmond, Virginia, where he played with the band Jubeus, and opened for bands such as Everclear and Blind Melon and SOJA. Masi later went on to pursue his own solo career releasing well received albums garnering a place as one of the most noteworthy singer-songwriters on the indie circuit. He then relocated and joined the local Washington, DC music scene and we are incredibly fortunate to have this singer-songwriter residing in the area. His musical repertoire and unique sound seems like a better fit for the Nashville or Austin music scene where by now, record labels would have pounced on the chance to work with him.

I’ll leave you with this live acoustic clip from a few months ago of Jason Masi performing one of my guilty pleasures at Port City Brewing Company. I love his cover of Cameo’s Word Up and I can’t help but share it with you because you NEED to experience this throwback to this awesome hit. So tell all the boys and girls…Tell your brother, your sister and your mamma too…to check out this version of what’s the word…WORD UP!

I hope you enjoy getting to know Jason’s music as much as I have. I encourage you to see him perform live. Let him know I pointed you in his direction. You can track his schedule here: Jason Masi Shows. More importantly, you can purchase his songs on itunes via Jason Masi Songs.

Jason–thank you for the inspiration and the music. I look forward to seeing and hearing what you do next.

Thanks for listening music lovers!



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