It’s a Quarter past 2016. Amazing. Are You Listening? Awesome.

Spring is finally here, although in most places, the temperature is far from feeling warm and sunny. With a quarter of the year already gone, here is a recap of our favorite featured artists since January, in case you missed them the first time around! Yes. They are THAT good. Check these out!

First we kicked off the year listening to this awesome Indie band from Cardiff: Paper Aeroplanes- Joy.JOY

And then we ventured to an artist that hails from the great state of California, Adam Friedman, who blew us away when he released his debut single this January, titled Pretty Things. Listen to this beautiful number.

Next stop, Anya Marina released her new album Paper Plane and we fell in love with her all over again!

Anya signed

Moving on to February. Strangers You Know gifted us the incredible song Used. Having traveled extensively overseas in the Middle East, I am personally obsessed with this song’s unique melodies and syncopated beats.They just released the video for it. Enjoy!

Finding myself in Boston, I was reminiscing about one of my favorite artists of all time, whose recently released EP is filled with some of his best works of all time and new evocative song numbers, Jude- Me And My Monster. img_5916

This beautiful song is on there: The Way That You Want Me.

And then we rocked out to this introspective number by eclectic Brooklyn band Shinobi Ninja- What It Times!

Another week passed and the beautiful, talented, incredible Danielle Juhre showed up on our radar and ALL OF US fell in LOVE with her! This soulful artist is still making the rounds in the Chicago area. What are you waiting for? Go see her!

Next came Kansas native, Sebastian McCarty who released his first EP Pages, and showed the world that at 17 years old, not only does he have a beautiful voice, the introspective depth of his feelings displayed maturity beyond his years. His cover of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own gives us chills.

Last, but not least by any means, is the latest featured band, Great Good Fine Ok.

GGFO album signed
Image by More Cowbell Liv

Another great Brooklyn band, whose Indie Pop sounds I caught live on stage in Kansas City two weeks ago, makes it impossible to resist getting your groove on to their infectious beats and melodies.

And there you have it music lovers. A quarterly music wrap up of new artists we’ve featured to date. Who is your favorite? My response, of course, is all of them!

Thanks for listening. Stay tuned for more great music soon!

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