Time to Jam with Great Good Fine Ok

When a good synthesized pop jam comes on, you start to get your groove on, but when the song’s lyrics have a deeper meaning that goes beyond the surface of the melody, you stop. Listen. And you get Carried Away. That is, if you’re listening to Great Good Fine Ok, one of the best Indie Pop bands out there that has surfaced from Brooklyn’s booming music scene.

Check out this awesome performance (Thanks Audiotreetv) of Carried Away!

The musical powerhouse duo is comprised of Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman and together their songwriting and musical production meshes like the finest of bries and wines. They wrote their song You’re The One for Me in just one night. The song has been listened to hundreds of thousands of times on Spotify. The video itself is definitely worth watching. It’s ridiculously entertaining. Those are some darn short gym shorts…and nice moves guys! Sign me up for that spin class. The epic people watching (as in…watching the band members in all of their magnificant alter-egos) will keep me going when I’m struggling to survive the one hour of purgatory of cycling in place!

By some stroke of magnificent luck, I got to see these guys perform live out in Kansas City, Missouri earlier this week. I got word that they were on tour and playing The Riot Room, so I rushed from the airport upon arriving to catch their set! It was my first time to The Riot Room and I am so glad I got to experience this gem. It is a fantastic intimate venue, with a friendly staff, that really allows music fans to see their favorite artists up close and personal. It was one of the best live music performances I have witnessed to date. Bottom line- not only are Great Good Fine Ok (GGFO) talented musicians, they are incredible live. They put on a fantastic show that kept the crowd moving the entire night. Their vocals were top notch and their stage personas are thoroughly engaging. Here is a glimpse of them performing By My Side live that evening.

Their enthusiasm and passion for their music emits throughout every song they perform. Sandler’s falsettos are exquisite and he nails it vocally each and every time. Moellman provides the perfect accompaniment and his glowing drum sticks are the quintessential touch.

Luke glows on the drums – Image by More Cowbell Liv
The singer credits influences such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Prince for the impact they have had on his music. Three of my favorite artists of all time? No wonder GGFO are easily now in my top five favorite bands.  I say throw in a romantic Robin Thicke and a crooning/dancing Justin Timberlake into the musical cocktail. It will give you a pretty good idea of what Great Good Fine OK sounds like. You will fall in love with them as much as I have. Not only is their sound channeling these great entertainers, Sandler doesn’t stop dancing, spinning, and hopping on stage throughout the entire performance. How can you not love a guy in metallic pants and white sneakers giving it his all when he steps?

Jon Pants GGFO
Jon Sandler’s Pantalones! – Image by More Cowbell Liv
Their band members who join for live performances are equally as talented and engaging. Danny Wolf was charming to chat with and plays a tight set on the drums.

The rhythms of their songs are contagious and like a well crafted spell, I find myself mesmerized by their albums. It is no wonder that this band is garnering a significant following and is experience a fast moving assent up the music charts. The band’s synthetic pop sound is combination of R&B/funk, soul, disco and. For all of you EDM lovers out there, this band is right up your ally. For all of you dancers out there or closet dancers who groove on your morning commute, or whenever you think no one is watching, this band will be your new obsession. Clearly, they are already mine.

So why feature what is clearly soon to be a headlining band in the coming year when this blog mostly focuses on musical obscurities? The fact is, Great Good Fine Ok are just THAT good. They are on the cusp of making it big and if they somehow missed your radar then I’m happy to put them on it front and center.

The band just released a new track this month titled Already Love. The song is just as infectious as the rest of them and it captures the feelings, emotions, and the butterflies you feel when you’re falling in love succinctly.

Jon, Luke, Russ & Danny- I’m so glad I got to catch your show while out in Kansas City.

Great Good Fine Ok in action -Image by More Cowbell Liv
I cannot wait to see you perform again back in DC and hopefully in your stomping ground of Brooklyn. Great meeting all of you. Thanks for the music!

GGFO album signed
Image by More Cowbell Liv
Support this band and buy their music here: Great Good Fine Ok Albums.

Until next time music lovers. Keep on jamming! Stay tuned for Back To More Cowbell’s Great Good Fine Ok listening and dance party. Oh yes. It’s happening.

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