Sebastian McCarty’s Pages- A Stunning Beautiful Masterpiece

There is a new singer songwriter making the rounds in the Kansas City region. His name is Sebastian McCarty and you should be tuning in to what is going to be a bright future for this rising star. A young artist that hails from the great state of Kansas, this 17 year old is out playing the circuit in his hometown area. If you find yourself near one of his future gigs, do yourself of favor and go see him.

I was lucky enough to come across his recently released debut EP titled Pages. Not only are his covers impressive adaptations with a style of their own, his originals are engaging and sophisticated as well as completely relatable. McCarty states:

Music drives me everyday to get out of bed and live life. I’m really able to connect with people the best when I’m singing.

With a sound and mindset that is mature beyond his years, McCarty’s music certainly connects with his audience and listeners. A mixture of soul infused pop and gospel-like ballads as evident in his original track titled Promise Land, his EP is inspiring. McCarty’s lyrics are filled with some very deep emotions and they are backed by vocals and falsettos that are absolutely stunning. The EP’s title track Pages is an evocative number that sets the stage for the stellar collection of hits that make this album a keeper. His cover of Sam Smith‘s Lay Me Down is well executed with a spin that channels a Michael Buble-ish number.

McCarty also includes this prodigious cover of Robyn‘s Dancing On My Own. It is awe-inspiring. He gives this beautiful song an emotionally charged performance with angelic vocals that take it to a whole new level. Truth be told, it give me chills every single time I listen to it.

Support this artist and buy his new EP: Pages.

I have been listening to Sebastian’s music repeatedly as of late and I am excited to see what he will do next. I’m hoping to catch one of his live performances in the near future. Sebastian, you are incredibly talented. Your first EP is definitely a keeper.

Thanks for following and listening! More importantly, thank you for supporting real music by real people who are out there everyday creating amazing works of art, so that people like you and me might just hear it.

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