​You Need. A CASE OF YOU. Beautiful. Evocative.

Back to music you should own on Throwback Thursday! No music lover’s collection could ever be complete without Joni Mitchell. More importantly, everyone should know the original version of her beautiful masterpiece A Case of You (1971).


Now for those of you who may not know, this is one of the most covered songs out there in the musical atmosphere. Here’s a cover version that is probably the most famous and most recognizable one to date by the beautiful and amazingly talented, Tori Amos.

Looking for a newer artist who has covered this song in a manner that is exemplary of the original work of art?

Here are two more recent versions that are well worth mentioning.

Check out this British singer songwriter Jason Blake’s cover of Mitchell’s song that he recorded on his EP Enough Thunder (2011). What a powerfully reminscent performance by this younger lad!

And before I say farewell for now, here is California native’s Kina Grannis (2013) delivering a raw and inspiring performance…proving as Mitchell did, that sometimes all you really need is just a girl and her guitar.

You can purchase the original here: Joni Mitchell.

Thanks for listening music lovers. Until next time…

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