Danielle Juhre- New Artist

There is a soultry soulful voice making sound waves out in the Chicago area. The name of that incredible voice is Danielle Juhre. With an aura of jazzy mystique and a blues infused repertoire that is mature beyond her years, this girl has what it takes, to make it. That’s exactly why you should be listening to her, now.

Her band of equally talented musicians provide the perfect accompaniment for an artist that’s clearly able to draw you in, mesmerize you with their sound, and make you want to listen to them all day long. Well, okay. Maybe that’s just what happened to me when I discovered her music. Hence why I’m so excited to be sharing this artist’s music with you today!

To me, this is what it is all about. It is about finding the diamonds in the rough out there, and identifying musical gems that deserve to be appreciated. This artist is one of them.

Danielle Juhre- He Knows It

With a soulful flair to her unique music, Juhre’s sound displays influences such as, Norah Jones, and the gone too soon, but beloved artists Amy Winehouse and a funkier version of Aaliyah (one of my favorites). However, this former Berklee College of Music’s student brings her own style to the soulful pop genre that surfaces in her connection to the listener. She states:

It’s incredibly important for me as an artist to make a strong connection with the audience that evokes their deepest emotions without any elaborate production. The music I make is powerful, authentic, soulful and universal.”

She nails it with that statement. I couldn’t have described it any better myself.

Check out this raw clip of her in this talent competition a few years back. Stateline’s Got Talent.

It would have been unkind to keep this music selfishly to myself. I hope you spend the weekend getting to know this artist’s music. I know you are going to really enjoy it.

Just hit play and sit back. Here is her track: Take it Slow

Danielle, I cannot wait to see you perform live. I’ll be extending an invite to Back To More Cowbell’s summer concert series soon, and I’m going to cross my fingers and toes that you’ll take me up on it. Shout out to your jazz guitarist Mark Bradley for sharing your music with me. I’m forever grateful that he did!

Visit: Danielle Juhre to learn more about this talented artist.

Until next time music lovers…have a great weekend. Thanks for listening!

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