Throwback Thursdays- September

EWF SeptemberNo music lover’s library would ever be complete without Earth, Wind, & Fire. We recently lost legendary soul man Maurice White, but his memory will forever live on through the music of the band he founded. A band who was all encompassing of every music genre out there, and helped push the boundaries of familiarity within the 1970s pop music scene. They are known for their signature blending of pop, funk, disco, jazz, rock and even Latin sounds into their R&B rhythms and soulful hits. For you music history buffs, this amazing group of songwriters and musicians was the first African-American band to sell out Madison Square Garden!

With so many Grammy nominations, wins and other honors, it is almost impossible to choose one single song out of their great collection of hits for a Throwback Thursday necessary track. However, when in doubt, you should always have this song on hand. Instant mood lifter that will get your booty shakin’ whether or not you’re expecting to Groove Tonight.

Do you remember….?

Earth, Wind, & Fire’s September (1978)

Now if you will excuse me, I’m getting a little teary eyed. I think I might just need to find my roller skates and lose myself under the disco ball in my own Boogie Wonderland for a little while.

R.I.P. Maurice White. You’ll forever be our shining star. Thank you for the soul in your music.

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