Strangers You Know- New Artists


No. You don’t know them? Who are they?A duo from California whose indie music is an intersection of influences ranging from folk to rock to pop to electronica,  Adam Haagen and Grady Lee have something pretty fantastic going on with their music. They are the type of group that morphs itself into whatever inspiration has embodied them at the time, which means music lovers and listeners can expect their next EP (soon to be released in 2016) to be just as unique as their previous releases.

Strangers You Know just released a new song called Used and it is quickly becoming a global favorite. The band continuously exhibits solid lyrics and songwriting skills in each of their releases and this one falls right in sync, supporting the theory that this younger up and coming group, is wiser than their years and writing sophisticated music for your senses. I really like the unique feel and the syncopated groove of this song.

Strangers You Know- Used

I came across one their slower melodies Shoot Me Down and I fell in love with its solemn delivery, their harmonies on it and their introspective lyrics. The underlying irony of their video footage and message is also intriguing to watch. If you listen to the song carefully, there are some Simon and Garfunkel along with some Crosby, Stills and Nash undertones in this song.

Shoot Me Down

Another example of their unorthodoxed use of melodies and unique sound is their song Smoke and Mirrors. It is one of my favorites. Check it out:

Smoke and Mirrors

Follow this band and learn more about this duo by visiting: Strangers You Know. BUY their music here: Strangers You Know’s repertoire.

Adam and Grady– I hope I get to see you guys perform live sometime soon. Looking forward to it immensely!

Thanks for listening music lovers!

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