Throwback Thursdays- What’s Going On


Number six on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, here is Marvin Gaye’s shift towards writing songs that touch your inner being and make you stop and think about the realities of the world. Strongly inspired by Gaye’s awareness of the Vietnam War and the current social climate, he stated that he wanted his music to start reaching a greater level of depth for those listening.

I wanted to write songs that would reach the souls of people. I wanted them to take a look at what was happening in the world.

Not only is this song a powerfully insightful number, the musical arrangement and melody are exquisite and it is a timeless masterpiece. The world is a different place today than it was in the early 1970s, but one could say that we are facing challenging times, now more than ever. For a song that he originally had to fight to get released as a single, this song will withstand the test of time and should always encourage us to take a minute to stop and pay attention to our society…locally, nationally, and globally. Thank you Marvin Gaye for taking soul music to a whole new level of social insightfulness, and paving the way for future artists to utilize their own talented writing and music to bring attention to social causes.

Marvin Gaye- What’s Going On (1971)

Happy Throwback music lovers. Thanks for listening!

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