Anya Marina- Paper Plane


A few months ago I got to see the very talented Anya Marina in concert with Joshua Radin: Anya Marina at The Birchmere. I also had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with Anya after her performance. She is such a genuine soul. Anya Marina 2

At the time, she was still in the process of working on a new album, which I more than happily supported via pledgemusic.

Well I’m happy to report that Anya has just released her album a little over 24 hours ago! Paper Plane is out! And as usual, her voice is mesmerizing and her songs are equally one of a kind ! It will be my soundtrack all weekend long and I hope it will become yours too!

This morning I was jamming out to: Gimme Resurrection.

The truth is a I love every single song on her new album. It is my favorite album of hers to date. I love it when she slows it down with songs like Shut Up and Is This Love. Both are sensual, romantic, lyrically interesting, the syncopation beats are addictive, and her unique voice shines through on them. Snowflake is equally as evocative and emotive…”Be a song bird or be a renegade.”

One of the songs I would like to highlight for you is Anya’s cover of Huey Lewis’s Academy Award Nominated hit from 1985, The Power of Love from Back to the Future. Her cover is exquisite and it is her vocals and musical arrangement that make it a slower, bluesy, melancholy version worthy of being in your collection.

Anya Marina- Power of Love

However, my overall favorite song if I had to choose one, is Go to Bed. I will admit that I have had this song on repeat a couple of times already. I remember her performing this new song live at the Birchmere a couple of months ago and I fell in love with it. I knew at that moment that this entire album would be a gem. I guess just call me a dreamer, a romantic, and a lover of life, which makes this song the perfect melody for me.

“We’ll have a drink. We’ll have a dance. We’ll fall in love in New York. And then later we’ll marry in France”…

“Just go to bed. Turn out the lights. You’ll have a wonderful, magical, beautiful, storybook life.”

You can purchase Anya Marina’s newly released album here: Paper Plane.

Anya, I’ve been listening to this album for the past two days and I LOVE IT. Thank you for the music. Hope to see you and hear you perform live soon.

Anya signed

Enjoy music lovers! Happy grooving weekend! Have a wonderful, magical, beautiful, storybook life!



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