Adam Friedman- New Artist

Adam Friedman Pretty Things

Greetings music lovers! For those of you on the Eastern coast of the United States, I hope you are hunkered down and keeping warm during this amazing Blizzard of 2016. We have certainly been hit pretty hard here in the DC area, and it’s still coming down today! Here is some new music to keep you going should you start to get cabin fever. For those of you located elsewhere, here is some awesome music for you to enjoy.

Meet Adam Friedman, a singer songwriter from Santa Monica, California. I’ve been listening to him throughout the past year and have really enjoyed getting to know his music. A close friend and collaborator of the incredibly talented singer songwriter Mike Posner, I discovered his music when he was on tour with Posner and I had the pleasure of attending their show. (Here is my previous feature on Mike Posner-The Truth EP.)

Mike Posner & Adam Friedman
Mike Posner & Adam Friedman (on the right) performing at Jammin Java-Ninja Tour- Image by MoreCowbellLiv
What struck me about Friedman’s music was the sincerity of his vocals and lyrics. He’s a cross between a Michael Buble crooner on the guitar and Adam Levine if you stripped off the pop synthesizing that often gets added to Maroon 5’s sound in the background these days.

Friedman JUST released his debut single (January 2016) with Burnett Music Group entitled Pretty Things, and it’s a hit. I am hoping you will love it as much as I do and that you will support this artist and download it: Adam Friedman- Pretty Things.

An introspective melody with powerful lyrics, it is currently my FAVORITE song on my new music playlist. I can’t stop listening to this emotive, and vocally powercharging song that hits you right where it counts.

Here it is on soundcloud:

Adam Friedman- Pretty Things

In honor of #Snowzilla/#Blizzard2016/#Snowpocalypse2016 or whatever hashtag celebration being used for this snowstorm currently taking place, here’s a glimpse into more of Friedman’s music about a sunnier dreamier place: LA Is Waiting For You. I fell in love with this song on the first listen.

I enjoy the realness of his lyrics and the soulfulness that he exhibits in his music. It is no wonder that Friedman, Mike Posner and Blackbear often create some mind-blowing music. Their talents are well matched and inspiring.

Check out his heartfelt and beautiful acoustic cover of Nat King Cole’s Smile.

Friedman also posted a tribute song in support and solidarity for Paris in the aftermath of the devastating terrorist attacks in late 2015. His own personal anthem for getting through the hard times.

Adam Friedman- Stronger, For Paris From LA

I hope that you enjoy getting to know this artist as he continues down his musical journey in life. I can’t wait to see what he does next! Catch a show of his if he comes to a venue near you. He’s currently on the Ninja Tour with Mike Posner- Adam Friedman Info.

For the sake of randomness, Adam Friedman also has quite the sense of humor. I leave you with this lesson. Here is that one time when it was his birthday and he went to go get his “free” coffee at Dunkin Donuts- Adventures with Adam Friedman.

Life Lesson- Never expect anything to be free….

Adam- I hope we cross paths soon and that I get to catch you live on stage again. Looking forward to the music. Also, thanks for the life lessons!

To my blog followers and music lovers who took the time to learn about this artist’s music, THANKS FOR LISTENING!

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