Paper Aeroplanes- JOY


Happy weekend music lovers! Here is some new music for you to enjoy while you go about your day. I’ve recently gotten hooked on the sounds of alternative pop band Paper Aeroplanes. If you’re a fan of artists like Florence and the Machine, the Civil Wars, The Cranberries or Sarah McLachlan, this band will be right up your alley.

Alternative indie pop at its finest, this indie group from Cardiff is making soundwaves with their beautiful lyrics, melodies, and angelic vocals by lead singer Sarah Howells and guitarist Richard Llewellyn. Already well known and followed throughout their home country of Wales, and throughout the UK, this group is continuing to gain traction throughout the indie music community.

Here is a starter track for you from one of their previously released albums that remains amongst my favorites : Little Letters. I love the complex melody and beat melody, the beat and the sentiment.

Their music is about connecting with the human spirit and after suffering great personal loss, these artists found each other and together have created an exemplary catalogue of music. The band recently released a new album titled JOY in 2015 and I have really enjoyed listening to every song on this album…enough that I had to share it with you. In fact, it was hard to narrow down which ones to highlight for you in just one post, so here are the songs that have stayed on repeat on my playlist the longest.

I’ll kick off the introduction to this album with their song Good Love Lives On.

I like the underlying message and spirit of that song.

My personal favorites on their latest album are the following two melodies: Books

You should always build your house on solid ground…

It’s hard not to get hooked on listening to the lyrics and imagery that Books posseses.

And the second one is: Caravan.

I’ve never quite thought about dancing in flour/dust prior to watching the next video…but it looks somewhat freeing which I guess is why this song is themed around letting it all go. Here is: Guessing Game.

Learn more about these artists by visiting Paper Aeroplanes.

Check out more of their albums and download their music: HERE!

Sarah and Richard, I hope you tour in the U.S. soon or that I get to catch one of your shows overseas. I’m positive your music will be even more inspiriting hearing it live.

I hope you enjoy getting to know this band as much as I have. Thanks for following and listening!

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