Eagles of Death Metal- A Rock and Roll Band- In solidarity for their fans & France


As a music lover, I am a fan and lover of all rock and roll, and that’s exactly the kind of music Eagles of Death Metal is known for, but now they are forever tied to the recent unspeakable horrors of the tragic attacks in Paris last night.

Being a frequent concert goer, there is nothing quite like making a new friend over the mutual love of an excellent band. There is a certain bond that is shared during a show and that is why this hits home even more. We may not know the victims personally, but we know they were the kind of people that could have easily been our friends. They were fans of real music. They were lovers of real rock and roll. They were brought together for what was expected to be an incredible and sold-out show at The Bataclan. I have had the pleasure of attending a show at this magnificent venue. The Bataclan, dates back to the 1860s and the venue was named after an operetta by Jacques Offenbach, who is considered to be one of the 19th-century masters of French opera. The venue can hold up to 1,500 people and in recent years has become known for rock concerts, and popular bands such as Eagles of Death Metal. In solidarity and support, it seems appropriate to share some of this band’s music with you as we all deal with the emotions of watching these tragic events in Paris unfold.

The band was formed in 1998 and they are closely tied to the band Queens of the Stone Age. Their music primarily resembles the sounds of 70s metal bands. One of the founding members, Josh Homme (of Queens of Stone Age) has described their music as “bluegrass slide guitar mixed with stripper drum beats and canned heat vocals.” Contrary to what the name of the band may convey, they are not a heavy metal band. The band has a cult following in the undeground music scene and they are known for their high energy performances as well as their cleverly fun lyrics. If you’re a fan of The Clash or the Violent Femmes, I think you will really enjoy their music.

Songs from the band’s 2004 album Peace, Love and Death Metal have been featured in television commercials and the band’s song Flames Go Higher was featured in the trailer for the movie Thank You For Smoking.
Listen to this song!

Having one of those days that seems to be dragging on? Throw this song on from this album and crank it up! Instand mood changer: Miss Alissa.

The band’s subsequent releases Death By Sexy (2006) and Heart On (2009) had several tracks on the Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk’s Project 8 video game soundtracks.

The band recently released a new album just last month titled Zipper Down. The album is currently on the Billboard 200 having entered at number 59. Check out their song Silverlake off of their latest album Zipper Down!

My personal favorite off of their latest album is the track Complexity. It makes me want to jump around the room and dance it out!

Support this band as they move past witnessing this terrible tragedy. Learn more about these fantastic musicians by visiting their site: Eagles of Death Metal. You can buy their music here: Eagles of Death Metal Music!

To the members and crew of Eagles of Death Metal, I am so very sorry that you have lost people you love and one of your team. Also, I can only imagine how devastating it must be to know that many of your fans and innocent people were injured and have lost their lives. All of us in the music community and around the world are stunned.

Sending prayers and thoughts to all affected by this tragedy in the simultaneous attacks at all the sites in Paris last night. My deepest sympathy and regards for all of the pain and horror you have endured. We stand in solidarity behind the people of the great country of France. Do not give into these negative forces and give them what they want. Do not let them take away your freedom to enjoy the things you love. Stay strong and keep rocking on Paris!

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