Oh Honey- Up and Coming Indie Band!

oh honey

And…I’m back! Happy Halloween!!! I’ve missed talking to ya’ll! So now, let’s get back to more cowbell…

Smile. That is what you’ll do the second you start listening to the first note of this up and coming Indie Pop group’s music. Foul mood? This will definitely help you put it aside! Tune out the rest of the world for a bit and sing along to this uplifting music. You are sure to get engulfed by this duo’s music vibe.

Meet one of Brooklyn’s finest sounds: Oh Honey.  This duo, consisting of singer-songwriters Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard, is gaining some well deserved traction and attention. Opening for the likes of James Blunt, American Authors, and most recently Ingrid Michaelson, which is when I first came across their music, this indie band packs an an energy infused set when they perform live! I highly recommend catching one of their shows on their tour. I saw them perform live this past summer at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA and they took the stage by storm. Absolutely loved their performance and they sound fantastic!

A catchy anthem that gets me pumped every time I hear it, Be Okay, is one of their masterpieces that will have you singing along and believing it. The video for this song is also a lot of fun to watch, featuring various people on the streets telling you that it will, indeed, be okay.

Follow that catchy anthem up with Sugar You, the get to know you song, and you’ve got quite the unique and upbeat set.  Again, the video has a certain indie rawness that I just love!

The rest of their latest EP is just as catchy and so are the rest of their albums. There are some fun lyrical inspirations on these works that make this band worthy of your attention. I hope you enjoy listening to this up and coming band as much as I have.

Check out their latest EP for a sampling of their style and purchase it here: With Love.

If you want to hear more of their music, (trust me this entry barely scratched the surface of their talent), visit their site. You can stream it, and if you love, which I know you will, you can buy it! Support these artists and learn more about them on their website: Oh Honey Music.

Oh Honey, I hope you make it back to DC sometime soon. I was recently in Brooklyn but I know that you are still on tour, so alas, I’m looking forward to seeing you on stage again, in whatever stage and city we cross paths within!

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