Bee Gees & The Bird and The Bee- How Deep Is Your Love

BG and Bird

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and two very dear friends of mine are getting married today.  While I normally write to you on Saturday mornings, it just felt right to me to wait and share one of favorite love songs of all time in honor of their wedding day– How Deep Is Your Love.

In 1977, the Bee Gees released this timeless and classic tune that went on to win them a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo.  I love this version and I hope that it will bring back some memories for many of you.  If you have never really stopped to listen to this song or come across it, I encourage you to listen to this beautiful tune and feel the love through their beautiful harmonies and sound.

Now, having been enthralled by How Deep Is Your Love from the first time I heard it when I was younger, you can only imagine my excitement when in 2008, there I was watching Sex in the City, the Movie, and a new version of the song that I had never heard before was featured on the soundtrack!  I was blown away!  It maintains the original beauty of this classic hit, but The Bird and the Bee make it their own special version, and let me tell you, their version does the original song justice!  First of all, I love this talented band.  They have put out some great albums and I will certainly be sharing more of their music with you in the future.  I encourage you to learn more about them if you are unfamiliar.

Their version of How Deep Is Your Loveis pure, simple, and just absolutely resplendent.  In fact, I loved their version so much and found it to be so unique, that I chose to walk down the aisle on my own wedding day to their version of this song.  Inara George’s voice shines in this song, and I love their modern take on it.  The band released this cover of the original on their Please Clap Your Hands EP.

I hope you enjoy both versions of this magnificent song.  I hope they fill you with love and memories, or inspire you with new ones in the future like both versions have done so for me.

Happy wedding day to my dear friends C & K!!!  Send them their love and well wishes as you listen to these tunes today.  I’m certainly thinking about them and can’t wait to see them exchange their vows later today.

Have a beautiful Sunday!  Thanks for listening!

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