Cam- Up and Coming Artist

Cam Country- Burning house

The weekend is here and that means it is time for some amazing music.  There’s a new artist you should be listening to immediately, and she definitely takes it back to real music, more cowbell.

As I thought about what to say about this new artist, I realized that I really do not have to say much at all.  Her music will speak volumes to you directly.  I guess the only thing I can tell you is that if you haven’t heard of Cam before reading this post, you should take a moment and get to know her music…because she is going to be around for a long time.

Cam recently released her debut EP called Welcome to Cam CountryThe entire EP is amazing.  Every single song on there is worth a listen, over and over again.  After showcasing her incredible talent as a songwriter by writing major hits for artists like Miley Cyrus and Maggie Rose, the spotlight is finally starting to shine on the songwriter herself.  She deserves it.  She has a powerful voice and her lyrics are just as powerful and real.  She reminds me of a young Dolly Parton with her music style, her spunk, and her commanding presence when she performs live.  She has released two singles off of this album, My Mistake and Burning House thus far.  Both of them are obvious hits, but I am writing this post today, to draw your attention to Burning House

Burning house gif

If this song has somehow missed your radar, fear not, here it is now and it is definitely worthy of your undivided attention.  It is such a powerful and haunting song about a relationship that is nearing the end, but the imagery throughout the entire tune is gripping.  The very first time I heard this song I sat for minutes in silence trying to process everything she had just said.  It was apologetic, but accepting.  Loving, but heartbreaking.  Strong, but vulnerable.  Simple, but perfect.  Melodically and emotionally sophisticated, but raw.  If you open your heart and mind up to this song, it will definitely make you emotional.

Learn more about this artist by visiting: Cam Country.  Buy this song and the full EP here: Welcome to Cam Country.

Cam, you have released one of the most solid EPs of the year, and Burning House is quite possibly THE best song of the year thus far. I hope you get a Grammy nod for it. You certainly deserve it.

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