Callaghan- Up and Coming Artist

Callaghan- A History of Now Album

Throughout the past couple of months while working on launching this music blog, I have been fortunate that several artists have reached out and shared their incredible music with me.  I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to support these artists while being exposed to new music along the way.  I LOVE hearing from you, and I do listen to everything that people send my way, so please keep it coming!

Callaghan was one of these artists who reached out and shared her music with me.  A British native who eventually took a leap of faith and made the move from London to Atlanta in 2010, Callaghan is testament to the “classic story of taking risks, of willingly throwing your life into upheaval in order to chase your dreams” as stated on her website.  The leap of faith turned out to be the right choice leading to the release of her album Life in Full Colour, a collaboration with the incredibly talented Shawn Mullins.  Since her move to the United States, the British pop singer/songwriter, has continued to grow her fan base across the country.

Callaghan recently released a new album called A History of Now and it is definitely worth a listen!  I have been listening to this album throughout the past month getting to know her sound, and her songwriting.  I knew immediately that I had to share her music with all of you.

For starters, I will share what I now affectionately call my go to happy jam, Crazy Beautiful Life.  It is the perfect soundtrack for my morning run, or my walk to the farmers market on the weekends.  Fans of Kacey Musgraves and Sheryl Crow will pick up on the influences by them in this song and will enjoy this tune. The song stuck like glue the first time I heard it.

Another interesting track that stood out to me off of Callaghan’s new album is Who Would I Be.  The song makes for a thought provoking piece of art for your ears.  It offers some introspective lyrics for the listener who can relate to having fear and doubt, but realizing that everything that has happened along the way has made them who they are today.  In fact, Callaghan claims this philosophy as the basis for the entire album.  We are indeed, a history of now so to speak.

Callaghan’s evocative vocals are a beautiful accompaniment to her piano and guitar playing skills.  I am sure she is incredible live and it would be great to see her play some of her new tracks solo on the piano.  Before I let you go, there is one track that I hope you’ll enjoy as much I did upon coming across it.  Look Around is a track off her previously released debut album Life in Colour and I love listening to this song during the workday or at night when I’m getting ready unwind.  It allows me to clear my mind.  Her beautiful vocals and lyrics shine in this track.  It warms my heart everytime I hear it.

Visit for more information about this talented artist.  She is on tour right now in the U.S. and in the U.K. so there’s a good chance you might get to see her live.  I know she recently played Jammin Java in Vienna, VA and I am so sorry that I had to miss her performance.  I heard she put on a great show!

Callaghan, I know you spent a year touring across the United States and doing house concerts.  I wish I would have discovered you sooner and been part of that experience.  So…any chance you are willing to play another house concert for Back To More Cowbell?!!  I’ll be reaching out to you and extending the invite.  Until then, I cannot wait to keep tabs on what you are up to and what you will be doing next on your musical journey.  I’m excited for you!  Thank you so much for sharing your music with me.


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