Pepe Aguilar- Por Mujeres Como Tu

Por Mujeres Como Tu- Pepe Aguilar- Album Cover
Por Mujeres Como Tu- Pepe Aguilar- Album Cover
Taking it back…to more…Mariachi!

Buenos Dias/Tardes/Noches depending on where this post may find you.  Please allow me to share my love for this incredible and very famous Mexican-American artist, Pepe Aguilar.  (I’ll admit some slight bias for a fellow Texan from San Antonio just for the sake of transparency…)

Out of all the songs this incredible artist has written and performed, Por Mujeres Como Tu is my absolute favorite.

A classic mariachi ballad, that maintains the soul of Mexican music with its unique signature trumpets, makes this this song immediately recognizable wherever you may be, from the very first note played.  A friend of mine who has heard me play this song repeatedly recently sent me an excited text, telling me the song had played while he was sitting at a bar at the Boston Airport.  Kudos to him for remembering it and loving it as much as I do despite the language barrier!   A romantic song dedicated to unrequited love and the unwavering dedication of a man’s love that is so devastating it could mean the death of him.  Luckily the beautiful melody that accompanies takes the edge off such a heartbreaking message.  I suppose this is what you get when you have an artist who has previously cited The Who and Pink Floyd as his rock influences.

So here it is.  Add it to your playlist, even if you don’t speak the language.  You will find yourself playing it on your song shuffle on a nice romantic evening, or maybe more so on a night of solitude when you’re taking time for some personal reflection.

Interesting tidbit: in 1998, Aguilar released the album Por Mujeres Como Tú.  The album remained on Billboard for 52 weeks and has sold two million copies worldwide.

You can support this artist and buy this song/album (which is amazing) here: Por Mujeres Como Tu.

The exciting news is that Aguilar is currently on tour both in United States and Mexico!  If you want to listen to some heartfelt romantic ballads with an incredible mariachi accompaniment, here is your chance!  Maybe you will get lucky and be at one of the shows where he invites his kids on stage.  They are apparently equally as talented and amazing! Visit: Pepe Aguilar for more information.

Pepe, me encanta tu música y siempre pido esta canción cuando me encuentro en la presencia de un buen mariachi. Espero algún día ir a tu concierto. Cuando vuelves para WashingtonDC?!

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