Jukebox The Ghost- Postcard

Jukebox the Ghost- Album Cover

 The weekend has arrived once again.  Time for some new music for you!  This song is so catchy and this band is fantastic.  Put the car on cruise and roll to it.

But as you are cruising, you start thinking about the one friend/lover who pops in and out of town that always lingers in your atmosphere.  At some point did you, or someone you love, take the easy way out?  Yeah we have all been there.  Instead of calling or seeing you while they were in town, the person you’re in love with or more likely infatuated with sends you a postcard…or vice versa.  It ends up being a sign of hope that maybe they still care.

Well good idea, good idea, you keep me waiting round…I’ll just wait here until you decide to come back to town…

You don’t call, that’s alright, you send me a postcard…

YIKES! Heart sinks right at that moment.

Truth be told, nowadays instead of a postcard (although the idea of a postcard is certainly more nostalgic to me–I still send postcards), it is more likely to be a text message or an email. “Sorry, maybe see you next time!”  Sigh.  But I digress.

With a sound that might just please fans of Deathcab for Cutie What Sarah Said, 

And maybe fans of the Lightning Seeds, remember Lucky You…? 

This local DC band, Jukebox the Ghost has broken out with this song and the best part is that they are FANTASTIC live!

Jukebox has been known to tour in the past with bands like Ben Folds Five and The Barenaked Ladies, but more recently they have been on tour with Ingrid Michaelson.  I recently had the opportunity to see them on tour with Michaelson when they performed at Wolf Trap.  No offense Michaelson fans…but while she spent most of her set expressing frustration about her manager and how he forced her to wear this, do that, etc…Jukebox spent their entire set rocking out and proving to old and new fans why they deserve their time to shine in the music arena.  Well done guys!

Jukebox infuses creativity and fun into every song they do.  Here’s a fun tune for your playlist!  Check out their take on Donna Lewis’ I Love You Always Forever.  I love listening to this song!

Buy Jukebox’s latest album: Here!

Support this band and visit Jukebox The Ghost for updates and tour dates.  Also, the band has been known for covering Queen every now and then…and the latest news is that they will be putting on two shows rocking Queen’s amazing hits this coming October!  Check out Halloqueen!

Jukebox– Keep doing what you’re doing. I am looking forward to more of your performances and seeing you continue to evolve in the coming years.  Come back and visit your hometown again soon so I can say hello!

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