Eva Cassidy- Remembered…Over the Rainbow

Eva Cassidy- Songbird Album-Remembered

Taking it back…

Here I go with the first curved ball.  There are more to come, so brace yourselves.

Perhaps you have your own favorite version of the song “Over the Rainbow.”  Judy Garland’s is obviously the go to classic.

An updated take on the song would be Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole’s rendition, which to be honest, seems to have a monopoly on the song these days.  Turn on Pandora, Spotify, etc, and it is on there.  Better yet, walk into ANY place in Hawaii (and rightly so, the Hawaiian native deserves the credit and love) and his version is playing.

However, why not take a break from the mainstream these days and go back and listen to THIS version of the Academy Award winning song.  Pour yourself some coffee or tea this morning, or have a glass of wine or scotch this evening, put your feet up, and cue the music.  Eva Cassidy’s voice, both pure and chilling, shines through in this amazing version of such a classic tune.  It’s absolutely beautiful!  If you have never heard her take on this song before, I hope it takes your breath away.  I hope it inspires you to drift off and dream.  If you have heard this version, then you already know just how mesmerizing it is.

The song is on her album Songbird and personally, I recommend you purchase the entire compilation of some of her greatest hits.  Every song on this record is incredible.  Side note, check out her version of Fields of Gold…amazing!

Eva, you were such a talented songwriter and artist.  You remain the pride of DC and Maryland, and I really wish I would have had the opportunity to see you perform live.  Thank you for gifting the universe your version of such a timeless tune.  You left us way too soon.

P.S. Getting married in the not too distant future?  Brides to be…want to make a grand entrance as you walk down the aisle? This is it.  Write to me and let me know how it goes.  Your guests will be talking about your grand entrance for years and not just your dress.  Trust me on this one.

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