Crow Moses- Up and Coming Artist

Horse Heaven Hills- Album- Crow MosesWhew!  Now THAT was a Labor Day weekend!

Normally this would be my Music Monday post first thing on Monday morning, but let’s just say…the weekend festivities took their toll.  You know it was a good night when your friend knocks on your back door the following morning, after apparently having spent the night under your deck in the great outdoors.  He looked a little like this guy…remember this movie?  Jumanji the Movie- Robin Williams in characterRobin Williams, you are sorely missed.  Anyway, I digress.

Today, I want to share with you my love for Chicago artist, Crow Moses.  When I first came across his music, I had to listen to the album a few times.  There was just something about it that gripped my attention from the start.  I wasn’t sure what to think of it.  I could not quite pin down what it was about his music that kept me enthralled song after song.  After playing his songs over and over on SoundCloud, I realized that I needed to download the entire album so that I could play his music at anytime, and all day long.  So what is it about Crow Moses that made me want to give him a spotlight on my newly existing and humble music blog?  Consistency.  Heartache.  And, the clear unveiling of his journey through life that he reveals in his songwriting.  All of these factors, combined with guitar riffs, some Americana, rock, and folk infused melodies that make it hard to pin him down to a specific genre, are what make Moses’ music worth listening to and admiring.

Take some time to listen to his Horse Heaven Hills, album, and tell me what you think!

You can support this great artist by actually purchasing his album here: Horse Heaven Hills.

Put the record on and you’ll see what I mean.  Not a bad song exists on it.  It’s got some musical twang and at times it felt like I was listening to a young Tom Petty back in the day.  Think Bob Dylan as well, with the harmonica introduction at the beginning of Take What You Need from his album Sky of Dresses, and the trumpets that accompany this melody in the background.

If you’re into a more classic rock vibe, mixed in with some Mumford and Sons jam sessions, I know you’ll enjoy his music.  You’ll play it at a BBQ and your friends will ask who it is.  He may blend into the background in the symphony of sounds at a gathering, but your music aficionados will pick up on his sound right away, and ask you about it.  This artist is making his waves.  Don’t hesitate to check him out if he passes through a town near you.  Have I peaked your interest?  Good!

Before I let you go, I have to share with you that my favorite song of his is the unreleased To See You One More Time.

The song pulls at the heartstrings right out of the box the second Crow sings “I’m starting not to need you anymore.”  Distance has taken its toll.  And so the story goes.  One or two of us have been there.  This will take you right back to that moment.  Or maybe you are there now.  Well, at least you’ll have Moses’ music to ease your pain.  He’s a keeper.  The amazing thing is that if you want a short introduction to his albums, and this unreleased song, you can currently download a free copy of  Crow Moses 101, here: NoiseTrade- Crow Moses 101. (Thanks Noise Trade!  Love this site!)

Visit Crow Moses to learn more about this artist.

Hope you come out to the East Coast soon Crow Moses.  Otherwise, I’m hitting the road to Chi-town to see you perform live!

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