Jungle- Busy Earnin’

Jungle- Album
Jungle- Album

Here’s a little motivation to get you going on your Monday, as you prepare to take on the work week.  Put this on and CRANK it up!  After all, it seems we are all indeed “too busy earnin” and “can’t get enough” these days.  Therefore, why not take it up a notch and face the day with this behind you as your anthem.

I, for one, cannot seem to get enough of this song by this British group.  Think Five Young Cannibals meets a grand stand orchestra and boom!  You have Jungle!  The synthesized horns are a great backdrop for a song that revolves around a basic fact of life for most human beings.  For all the dancers and choreographers out there, you will love watching the footwork in this video!  I felt like I was watching MTV back in the day when I would stand in front of the television trying to learn some new footwork.  Dig out the old track suit, put the chuck taylor’s on (great shoes to dance in btw), and get moving!  I love this tune and I hope you will too.  Visit: Jungle to buy their music and support this artist.

I have the sudden urge to throw on some roller skates and shoot the duck.  Anyone want to join me…?

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