Little Big Town- Painkiller Tour- Last night rocked!

Little Big Town at Wolf Trap. Photo by MoreCowbellLiv
Little Big Town at Wolf Trap- Image by MoreCowbellLiv

So here I am, writing away in the middle of the night, to tell you all about Little Big Town and share some moments from their show last night.  It would be downright disingenuous if I didn’t share some of these moments with you. The harmonies that filled the entire place when Little Big Town took the stage were a melody I had been waiting to hear live for over a decade. Yes. I said a decade.

For some of you who have been following Little Big Town (LBT) throughout the years, it will come as no surprise that they have been making music together for over 16 years. I have been listening to them for most of that time.  I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when I catch them at an awards show lately, or see them at the top of the charts with their latest hit.  Simply put, they deserve all of it. They have put in their time.

No strangers to the ups and downs that life brings, this band has been through it all.  Relationships, breakups, and the gripping heartache after the death of someone you love.  Their writing shows it.  Although they are labeled to be in the country genre, for those of you who aren’t actually familiar with LBT, allow me to introduce you to their music which I personally consider to be mostly rock.  Their four part harmonies and soul will stop you in your tracks and you will want to listen.  After all, they have cited influences such as Fleetwood Mac (you’ll pick up on it) along the way and you may or may not know that LBT sang back up vocals for John Cougar Mellencamp’s Freedom’s Road album.  In fact they were the opening band during Mellencamp’s 2006 tour and often joined him on stage for his song Our Country.

Check out this clip featuring Mellencamp and Karen Fairchild, of LBT, singing and discussing making music, as well as Mellencamp’s mentoring of their band.

If you haven’t been listening to LBT, trust me, just give them a chance.  Let them rock out in the background while you’re hanging out one evening. Perhaps start by cranking up Tornado,

And now hang and rock out to Little White Church.

Here’s a glimpse into last night’s performance of it!

Jimi Westbrook of Little Big Town.- Image by MoreCowbellLiv

Now that I have your attention.  Allow me to share some more special moments from last night’s show at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA.  (If you have never been to this National Park and music venue, you are missing out.)  For starters, it was genuinely heartwarming to see Jimi Westbrook hit the stage last night post vocal cord surgery.  See this emotional moment from last night’s show during which Fairchild addressed their break from the tour and their gratefulness to their fans for understanding.

The band unfortunately had to reschedule some of their shows on their Painkiller Tour due to his recent surgery.

But, I’m happy to report that he sounded incredible last night, and as a unit, as always, LBT was incredible.  Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman are not only gorgeous, they are two powerhouse voices that will blow you away, especially live.

Fairchild & Schlapman of Little Big Town- Image by MoreCowbellLiv
Kimberly Schlapman & Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town- Image by MoreCowbellLiv
Fairchild & Schlapman of Little Big Town- Image by MoreCowbellLiv
Fairchild & Schlapman of Little Big Town- Image by MoreCowbellLiv

Here’s a clip of their live performance last night!

Phillip Sweet was incredible to listen to when he took the lead and Westbrook’s voice seemed just as strong always!

Phillip Sweet of Little Big Town- Image by MoreCowbellLiv
Phillip Sweet of Little Big Town- Image by MoreCowbellLiv

Let me tell you. They are definitely BACK and better than ever!

Little Big Town- Image by MoreCowbellLiv
Little Big Town- Image by MoreCowbellLiv

Listen to these four amazing harmonies! Here’s a short clip of them live from last night’s show.

Perhaps you are more familiar with their uptempo and happy times songs such as their famous motorboatin’ hit Pontoon. Here’s a clip from last night.

Here is the full song for your enjoyment.

And maybe, more recently, you are listening to their latest single, the title track Painkiller from their latest album. Hence their current PainKiller Tour!

But the more incredible parts of the show, and what really impressed me about this band upon seeing them live was how seamlessly each member fills the stage with their own personality, while complementing one another.  The spotlight was shared equally amongst Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Jimi Westbrook, and Phillip Sweet.  The four of them each had their own special moments during their songs, which were incredible to witness live.

Little Big Town took a risk by releasing Girl Crush,

and while it is not for everyone, it is a sign that this band is still true to their artistic roots and will sometimes take the road less traveled with their music.  These risks are what keep artists from the monotonous pitfalls that many bands fall prey to along the way.  Personally I am glad they were willing to release this hit, as misunderstood at times, as it may be. Here’s a clip of Fairchild from last night’s incredible performance.

That just gave me chills…

Although the song Boondocks 

has been on my playlist since I first discovered LBT many years ago, my favorite song of theirs is the heartwrenching On Your Side of the Bed.

The highlight from last night’s show was Fairchild and Westbrook performing this song.  It was a bittersweet moment filled with emotion considering this was one of Westbrook’s first performances post-surgery. Check out this incredible clip from their performance last night at Wolf Trap. Westbrook sounds great!

What surgery?!  So glad that he has recovered and is doing well!

Fairchild & Westbrook of Little Big Town Perform
Fairchild & Westbrook of Little Big Town Perform “On Your Side of the Bed”- Image by MoreCowbellLiv

Now, add in the fact that these two are married to each other (for those of you reading this who are just discovering LBT, and aren’t up to date with these tidbits)…seeing them perform this song given all these factors was definitely an emotional moment.

If you’re not already a fan, I hope I’ve encouraged you to at least listen.  If you see them live, I guarantee that you will leave the show a fan.

Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town- Image by MoreCowbellLiv
Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town- Image by MoreCowbellLiv

To those fans who have been there from the beginning, LBT dedicated a new song to you  The Beginning. Here’s a clip of it from last night’s show. I’m dedicating this one to those who have encouraged me from The Beginning to start writing and sharing.

Thanks for “listening” and getting back to real music.  Support Little Big Town’s latest album Painkiller by purchasing it here: Painkiller.  Visit their website for the latest information on their tour. If they’re coming to a city near you, don’t miss them!

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