Kat Dahlia

Happy Monday!  Are you ready?  Because once you press play, you are going to get hooked on this song.

Cause I ain’t been myself lately something’s going on…I played this song for one of my friends who only listens to “classic country”.  You know, the friend that says “they don’t make them like they used to” and you know he probably applies that to any Ford, or Chevy truck he drives, etc, not necessarily just to music.  I embedded it into the playlist for the evening thinking I was being conspicuous. Was I able to pull it off? Yes. And here is why.

Kat Dahlia has soul infused into her music. She’s singing from deep within, not just the surface. The beats and the rhythms in this song make it hard not to tap your foot, your hand, and all out start to dance. The lyrical syncopation throughout it draws you into it.  Before long you’re singing it, and you’re drumming to it…in the car…in the office…on an airplane (where I currently find myself as I write this.) Then you start to peel back the layers a bit and the message is there. Her music infuses reggae, pop, and hip hop.  Kat’s Cuban roots also influence her songwriting through her experiences. I love the rawness and the power in her voice when she sings in her latest album’s title track My Garden.  

For a different twist, listen to her version of a love song. And by that, I mean, she was once asked, “hey Kat, what does a love song sound from you.” She responded with “I don’t have a love song. Okay, maybe I do. I have one.” The response to this love song has been incredible.  Simply put, I Think I’m In Love is a powerful ballad. Watch her rock this song live on stage:

Para los latinos que no han descubierto su musica, Gangsta, en Espanol me facina. (The English version of Gangsta is equally as strong, I just happen to like the way the Spanish version flows off her tongue.)

Now that you’ve given this artist a chance, if you want to explore more, there’s a lot there to explore.  It is clear this girl has been through some serious stuff in her life and she’s baring it all in her latest album: My Garden.

And yes, Kat, it’s crazy! Wait. No.  Girl, it’s cray when you say “I’m jealous of them bitches when they get your time and I know it’s wrong” but it sounds like you got it BAD!  Well, we know exactly what you are saying because we have all felt that at some point in our lives.  And you capture it perfectly.  Is it crazy…?

Support this artist and visit: Kat Dahlia. She’s on tour right now so catch her at a venue near you if you can!

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