Easton Corbin- About To Get Real


Speaking of getting back to more cowbell. Here’s my first spotlight!

Let’s get back to real country, real lyrics, and a sound that is the 80s and 90s George Strait style country that will never get old to the avid listener.  I have thought this from the first time I listened to Corbin’s A Little More Country Than That.

  He appears to be the embodiment of that line.

I’m thinking picture George Strait playing smaller venues as a young buck hitting the circuit with Fool Hearted Memory (Remember him in his younger days? Maybe you are in your younger days and might not but it is still worth a click)…

Corbin comes off just that way.  Down to earth, easy to listen to, and the more you hear his music, the more hooked you will get. Cue the fiddle and the steel guitar in the background and insert some heartbreaking lyrics like I Just Can’t Love You Back.

Haven’t we all sat there realizing after losing someone “you can write a thousand letters, drown your sorrow at the bar, go down to the church…get down on your knees, and it still won’t change the way things really are.”  Music to your ears pulling at your heart strings right?  Well at least I think so.

Corbin’s new album About to Get Real

is the perfect continuation of this sound.  He’s not really the beer drinking, let’s raise some hell sound, “Bro Country” sound that is flooding the country music charts these days.  Don’t get me wrong this country boy can hang with the best of them; proven by his

Wild Women and Whiskey. The song has a rockabilly piano riff kicking in the background, which gives it an additional twist.  I am just highlighting the fact that he seems to prefer the softer, romantic ballad side of country. Baby Be My Love Song

is one of those hits.  To the lyric lover and storyteller such as myself, each song Corbin seems to write is a beautiful canvas of a variety of situations and moods.  I hope you enjoy getting to know his music as much as I have, even if country isn’t perhaps your favorite genre.  Give him some credit for not selling out and sticking to his own sound.

Easton, just once, can you sport a cowboy hat sometime?  I’d love to witness it!  Check him out in a city near you.  Visit: Easton Corbin on Tour Support this artist and visit: Easton Corbin

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