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CF and F
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Charlie Faye & The Fayettes will make you shake it. Meet today’s new 60s girl group.

There is a lot going on around the world these days and one could certainly think back to an era where things may have been simpler on a daily basis, […]

Parking Lot EP Cover
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Parking Lot by The Accidentals. Amazingly eclectic.

And we’re back! This time featuring a band that has been creating quite a stir on the Indie music circuit since their debut in Austin, Texas during South by Southwest […]

Matchsticks album cover
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Matchsticks will amaze you and light up your day.

Last weekend singer songwriter Emily Henry held her record release party for her album Matchsticks at the Iota Club in Arlington, Virginia. The incredulously packed audience of other talented local musicians who […]

The Fix Evan Barlow
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Evan Barlow. Startling. Impressive. One sick beat at a time.

Every now and then, you come across an artist at random. Maybe it’s the next song that comes on your Pandora station, you hear a song blasting out of someone’s […]

Power of a woman
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Jason Masi- Amazing vocals & songwriting that will blow your mind.

Take the depth and emotion of your favorite Walt Whitman poem, combine it with a voice that is sexy, powerful and full of soul, and only then will you begin […]

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It’s a Quarter past 2016. Amazing. Are You Listening? Awesome.

Spring is finally here, although in most places, the temperature is far from feeling warm and sunny. With a quarter of the year already gone, here is a recap of […]


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